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Suburbia Contemporary

Ed Young. The Motherfucker

Opening 10.11.2022 17h

Mar Hernández
Catherine Spilman


Catherine Spilman | Mar Hernández | Nombuso Dowelani | Sepideh Mehraban

10.11 – 10.12.2022
Opening 10.11.2022 18h

A selection of artworks that combine layers of memory and femininity, with a fluid sensitivity to themes of belonging. A careful reflection on the complexities of their respective surroundings whilst touching on the tensions that exist within society, Homelike presents a varied tonality in the expressions of being for Catherine Spillman, Mar Hernández, Nombuso Dowelani and Sepideh Mehraban. By presenting a detailed unpacking of space and place, Homelike questions an individuated sense of memory in contrast to collective memory. Through the different painterly styles, viewers are encouraged to come to terms with the ideas that surround their particular experience, in and out of context.

Based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Suburbia Contemporary presents points of radical similarity between different material cultures and artistic traditions from across the globe. Born in 2017 in Granada with the imperative of gathering artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds and geographical locations within a single cluster, the gallery launched Satellite spaces in Cape Town (2019) and Florence (2020), structuring contact between the East, West, North and South through a consistently evolving, critically engaged exhibition program open to antique and traditional knowledge systems, secret, hidden languages ​​and future definitions of craft and artistic practice.