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ArtBrussels 2024. Jil Lahr / Ed Young

Discovery Section
booth 6c – 22

25 / 28 April 2024
Jil Lahr 
Ed Young

Arm #3 - Ed Young

The exhibition project combines the works of Jil Lahr and Ed Young, two artists who explore different facets of creativity through their thought-provoking and boundary-pushing pieces. The exhibition aims to showcase the convergence of their perspectives, highlighting the themes of pataphysics, collecting, and humor that resonate in both artists’ works. 

In the booth we present a few iconic artworks by the artists, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the unique artistic realms of Jil Lahr and Ed Young while emphasizing their approaches.

Visitors encounter Lahr’s installation: paintings, and arrangements of found objects. The artworks invite viewers to engage with the act of collecting and the humorous reinterpretation of familiar items. Interactive elements and playful interventions encourage visitors to explore and interact with the artworks, blurring the boundaries between art and everyday life.

Young’s works challenge conventional thinking and societal norms. His art, characterized by sharp intellect, wit, and provocation, sparks dialogue and reflection. Visitors are confronted with the controversial nature of Young’s pieces, inviting them to delve into the complex and sometimes uncomfortable territory of his artistic expression.

Finally, the exhibition will culminate in a shared space where Lahr’s and Young’s works intersect, creating a dialogue between their approaches. This convergence zone encourages visitors to explore the connections, tensions, and shared themes between the two artists, fostering a deeper understanding of the power of art to challenge and provoke.

Hang out - Jil Lahr