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Cheriese Dilrajh

Born in the coastal town of Durban in South Africa, Cheriese Dilrajh is an artist, writer and researcher who believes in the Indian Ocean as a world of possibilities shared between African and Indian lands. She also enjoys the way the sunset appears to be a Sahara of hues in-between the colour spectrum of pink and blues. She enjoys the sea, the sky, and radically dreaming. Her formal education is a BA Fine Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg,and an MA in Art and Politics from Goldsmiths, London, though her more legitimate knowledge comes from the streets. As much as we come from somewhere, the places we go or the people that shape us may constitute home. She thinks about how she is a map of other people, and the way sound holds a geography in it, invoking a space. Her areas of interest include migration, complexity of meaning and the making of new meanings. She experiments with fragments of the worlds encountered through sensory, audio, visual, written, multitudinal forms, social practice and cultural work (as well as occupation and disruption, where necessary). These worlds are birthed by inheritance and are a becoming of herstory, but are simultaneously subjected to their own becoming through the entangled mess that is non-linear time.