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Hanna Noor Mahomed

Hanna Noor Mahomed was born in Durban, South Africa in 1999, and lives and works in Cape Town. She completed a Bachelor of Art in Contemporary Art from Cape Town Creative Academy in 2019 and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town in 2022.
Working primarily with painting and drawing, Noor Mahomed’s practice revolves around these disciplines as a means for storytelling. Using her hometown Durban as a contextual backdrop, she is particularly interested in storytelling from a female point of experience. Combining personal stories with fiction, fantasy, contemporary, and historical global conditions, her practice sets out to build narratives that are potentially unheard of because they are not told; through image-making and semiotics. Noor Mahomed is drawn to the city environment and how women navigate this terrain of violence, control, and repression.
She references a range of Orientalist and religious motifs, western and essentialist aesthetics, but her practice remains rooted in the abstraction of these visual languages. Abstraction is used as a conceptual device to challenge these stereotypes.


Uninvested Group Show curated by Hanna Noor Mahomed and Guy Simpson, Cape Town | Salon Afrique Group Show at the Homecoming Centre, District Six Museum curated by Sara Moneer Khan and Beauthur Mgozi Baker, Cape Town | Fluorescents Pop-up Group Show curated by Fanie Buys, Cape Town | Untitled 99 Group Show, 99 Loop Gallery, Cape Town | Disruption, short residency, and show, A4 Arts Foundation, curated by Khanya Mashabela | Sculptures of Cars, Group Show at Under Projects, curated by Mitchell Gilbert Messina, Cape Town | Paperworks – Paper as a Political Medium, online Group Show with Forms Gallery, curated by Lesole Irvin

Mashurah curated by Sara Moneer Khan, Greatmore Studios, Cape Town

Women’s Month Group Show, Eclectica Contemporary, Cape Town 2020 | Group Show, Apartment.vol, Cape Town | Kernel Group Show curated by Nabeeha Mohamed and Grace Cross, Cape Town