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Jacob van Schalkwyk

Klaar Gepraat, 2020 (drawings series)

Jacob van Schalkwyk


Known primarily as an abstract artist, Jacob Van Schalkwyk uses lithographic ink as a medium for drawing and painting. His work on paper and aluminum conflates the distinction between drawing, painting, printmaking, and low relief sculpture. This series of lithographic drawings offer a nuanced look into the science of color theory, more specifically how a viewer’s eye responds to variations of hue.

Jacob van Schalkwyk (b.1979) holds his BFA in Drawing from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and a MAVA in Sculpture from Stellenbosch University. He spent 9 years in New York City experimenting with audio and visual performance techniques. Highlights include two stints as visiting artist at CalArts in 2005 and 2006, performing at Central Park Summerstage, the Next Wave Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2006, and touring South Africa with The Last Poets, also in 2006. He returned to South Africa – and to drawing – in 2008, where he exhibited regularly at GALLERY AOP and DKP in Johannesburg between 2011 and 2018. He fronted the Afrikaans punk band Jaco+Z-dog from 2009-2011. His novel The Alibi Club was published in Afrikaans and English by Penguin Random House in 2014. Van Schalkwyk is a research affiliate of the University of Stellenbosch, where he served as Head of Fine Arts between 2019-2020.
Surroundings. Exhibition view, Satellite Florence.
"Klaar Gepraat" Exhibition view Suburbia Contemporary
Gorilla, 2017 Lithographic ink on paper. 76 × 56 cm

2022, Humdingers, Suburbia Contemporary, Barcelona, Spain.

Group shows:
2021, Urban environments and imaginary spaces, Suburbia Contemporary, Barcelona, Spain
2020, Surroundings, Suburbia Contemporary, Satellite Florence Italy.

2022, Future Fair, New York, USA
2022, Investec Cape Town Art Fair, Cape Town, South Africa
2021, Swab Barcelona Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain.

"Klaar Gepraat" Exhibition view. Jacob van Schalkwyk
Artist Unknown, 2017 Found re-used, re-purposed rubber strips, wood. Return flight to Malawi, Transport, 1 night stay on Lake Malawi


Handwoven tapestry
with Stephens Tapestry Studio

Edition of 3
cm 200 x 130

Solo Exhibitions: 2022 “Humdingers“, Suburbia Contemporary, Barcelona, Spain; 2020 “The end of everything is just the beginning of nothing”, Suburbia Contemporary, Granada, Spain (online exhibition); 2018 “On Mystical Form”, MAVA exhibition, GUS gallery, Stellenbosch; 2017 “Dolcefarniente”, traveling solo, David Krut Projects, Johannesburg and Cape Town; 2016 “Sunsets”, David Krut Projects, Cape Town; 2014 “Topoi, Tropi, Apotropos”, GALLERY AOP, Johannesburg; 2013 “Constraints”, GALLERY AOP, Johannesburg; 2013 “6+1… 14+1”; 1st, 2nd, blank projects, Cape Town; 2012 “Fun and games…” GALLERY AOP, Johannesburg; 2011 “Bait al-Hikma (House of Wisdom)”, GALLERY AOP, Johannesburg.

Group Exhibitions: 2020 “Surroundings” Suburbia Contemporary – Satellite, Florence, Italy; 2020 “New world order”, Turbine Art Fair Johannesburg, (online); 2020 “Pentatonic Rubbernecking”, two-hander with Michael Macgarry, GUS gallery, Stellenbosch; 2019 “Independent”, LATITUDES, Johannesburg; 2018 “The Emporium”, Keyes Art Mile, Johannesburg; 2018 “The Colourist Manifesto”, David Krut Projects, Cape Town; 2017 “Atmosphere”, David Krut Projects, New York City; 2016 “Open Dialog Box”, Cape Town; 2016 “New Monuments”, Commune1 Gallery, Cape Town; 2015 “Drawing a Group Show”, GUS gallery, Stellenbosch; 2015 “International Fashion Festival”, Edinburgh, Scotlan; 2013 “Back to the Future”, SMAC gallery, Stellenbosch; 2012 “When Form Becomes Attitude”, blank projects, Cape Town; 2011 “Avant Car Guard, Jaco+Z-dog and friends”, blank projects, Cape Town; 2010 “Drawing Links”, GALLERY AOP, Johannesburg; 2002 “SAIDA DE EMERGENCIA”, BFA graduate exhibition, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.

Fairs: 2021 Investec Cape Town Digital Event; 2020 Future Fair, NYC, with Suburbia Contemporary (online); 2018 Bad Paper, Joburg and Cape Town art fairs.

Film, Theater, Performance:  2019-2018 Dramaturge: The Borrow Pit, (director Jemma Kahn); National Arts Festival, Makana, South Africa; The Center for the Less Good Idea, Johannesburg; Woordfees, Stellenbosch; 2018-2017 Band leader: NRNA, A4 Arts Foundation, DKP Newlands, Cape Town; 2016-2010 Editor, producer, actor for Michael Macgarry in the short films LHR-JNB, Will to Power, Race of Man, As Above So Below. Selected screenings: International; Short Film Festical, Oberhauzen, Germany; Villa do Condo, Portugal; WITS Art Museum, Johannesburg; 2011-2009 Band leader: Jaco+Z-dog, (Afrikaans punk rock 2-piece),small venues around South Africa; 2006-2002 With Carl Hancock Rux: video design, musical composition, audiovisual performace (samples, synthesis, video) for MYCENAEAN, ASPHALT, Rux Revue and Good Bread Alley tours: BAM Next Wave Festival 2006, REDCAT Los Angeles; Washington Performing Arts Society, MassMoCA, Detroit Institute of the Arts, Here Arts Center, NYC, Pillsbury Theater Minneapolis, Irving Plaza Manhattan, De Singel, Antwerp, Central Park Summerstage, Salle Jacques Brel Paris, France, Bard University, New York, Urban Voices Festival South Africa.

Publications: 2020 “Mancoba and Duchamp: work and interpretation in opposition”; Dialogue on Ernest Mancoba, A4 Arts Center, Cape Town; 2018 “On Mystical Form”, MAVA thesis, University of Stellenbosch; 2017 “Africa Modern”, Published by KT Wong Foundation and Thomas Heatherwick studio accompanying opening of Zeitz MoCAA, Cape Town; 2016 “SUNSETS”, interview with Jacqueline Flint, David Krut Projects, Cape Town; 2014 “The Alibi Club” (Afrikaans version Die Alibi Klub). Novel. Penguin Random House, Umuzi; 2013 “Drawings”, 2011 – 2013, Catalogue, GALLERY AOP, Johannesburg.

Lecturer; 2021 Research Associate, Fine Arts Department, Stellenbosch, University, South Africa; 2020-2019 Acting head of Fine Arts Department, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. 4th year coordinator, lecturer: drawing and painting; 2018-2015 Guest Lecturer, drawing and painting, Stellenbosch University, South Africa; 2011-2009 Lecturer, Department of Film Arts, Open Window School of Visual Communication, Centurion, South Africa; 2008-2007 Guest lecturer, School of Digital Arts, WITS University, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Residencies, awards: 2011-2010 Artist in residence, blank projects Cape Town; 2006-2005 Visiting Artist, Department of Theater, CalArts, Valencia, California; 2003 Pratt Circle Merit Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

8, 2013
Lithographic ink on paper
100 × 66 cm
9, 2013
Lithographic ink on paper
100 × 66 cm
10, 2013
Lithographic ink on paper
100 × 66 cm
12, 2013
Lithographic ink on paper
100 × 66 cm