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Mysterious Ambiguities

Mmathabo Grace Mokalapa

Mokalapa’s art practice is focussed on the subjective sublime experience(s) of physical space. She is particularly interested in spacial voids, voids that are depersonal, infinite but also transcendental. These spacial voids affect the viewer’s sense of perception and sense of self, in that they affect their psychological, aesthetic and physical relations, whilst simultaneously intercepting between reality and fictional space. This then places the viewer between two worlds/ spaces, confronting themselves against space and time.

Her interests lie in the culmination of art in astronomy, philosophy and architecture, in which she is constantly considering the subject as less of a spectator and more as a participant. This allows their experience to propel the work further. She engage’s her practice through the medium of printmaking, some video art and sound, combined into installations.

Suburbia Contemporary "Mysterious Ambiguities"