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salvo imprevisti, tornerò domani

27.06.2020 / 12.09.2020

Satellite Firenze, in collaboration with La Portineria, starts again with an “extra” initiative, giving space to young contemporary art, such as the global emergency, which we have gone through in recent months, also directly affected in the field of culture and art.
A group exhibition of students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, before resuming programming with the Surroundings exhibition next September.
“salvo imprevisti, tornerò domani” (barring unforeseen circumstances, I will be back tomorrow), a group exhibition of students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence: Jacopo Buono, Elisa Del Taglia, Veronica Greco, Jiaying Li, Leonardo Meoni, Max Mondini, Giacomo Nasta, Erika Pellicci, Gianluca Tramonti, Zoya Shokoohi, Erjola Zhuka.

The intentions of Matteo Innocenti and Francesco Ozzola, directors of La Portineria and Satellite: «We are interested in cultivating visions that, arising in the present, are already aimed at the future: we are convinced that young artists have a fundamental role. salvo imprevisti, tornerò domani is an expression chosen as title for the exhibition; it is a suggestion, not a theme: we asked the participants to propose a work that they feel is representative of their research, and which at the same time has relevance to the personal way of understanding the time that is coming. » The exhibition marks organized by a dialogue between two private spaces – supported by Gruppo Poli – and by the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence.