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Satellite Cape Town
Isabel Fuentes



In Mimesis Isabel Fuentes appropriates and represents her experienced environment by exploring and establishing new spatial relationships between the printed etching and its support. Fuentes’ technical explorations have resulted in favouring monotype prints over multiple prints, uniqueness over repetition, and thus creating a more intimatereflection on the natural and built environments that inform her work.

The artist’s translation of geometric and architectural forms, relays the experience of living in relationship to onessurrounding environment. Isabel Fuentes shows us the landscape through her work, not only as a place of meeting and aggregation (human, landscape and architecture), but also questions and poses a reflection on how humans alter their surrounding environment through the manipulation of the elements depicted. Fuentes divides, breaks,manipulates, and rearranges her landscapes, to critique a society that does not conceive of the dialogue between natural and synthetic elements as part of the same ecosystem.