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Shenghao Mi



Shenghao Mi was born in 1996 in Shanghai, China. In his paintings, Shenghao Mi creates traditional icons typical of his tradition. With fragmented and blurry brushstrokes, he creates a double reality in which the images are both playful and tense. Each image constitutes a fragment of a more complex discourse on today’s society. Shenghao Mi finally fights the huge amount of indistinguishable information we receive every day, revisits and translates the tradition and visions of the future of a global world, seeking low fidelity in this high definition era.

2022, Someone is in my house, Suburbia Contemporary, Barcelona, Spain.

Group exhibitions:
2021, Insideart. 14th Edition, Museo della Mura,  Roma, Italy,
2021, Vivid Dimensions, Galerie Ovo,
2018, A nudo, Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Italy, 
2018, Pause, tra caos e armonia, Palazzo Chigi, Roma, Italy. 

Talent Prize 2021, Fondazione Cultura e ArteSpecial, Award International Artists.