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Someone Is In My House – Shenghao Mi

26.01 – 17.03.2023


With the exhibition Someone is in my house Shenghao Mi presents his new series of paintings, which evokes a sensation of suspenseThe title is a direct reference to David Lynch’s exhibition at Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht just as the paintings on display refer to the feelings of turmoil that the works of the famous American director can evoke.

Shenghao’s paintings create a feeling of suspension between tension and waiting. The observer becomes the protagonist of the environment watched by the fixed gaze of owls, panthers, and dogs, without ever encountering a hint of humanity.

The tension becomes restlessness as soon as one perceives the invasion of one’s own space, what we call home/country. Anxiety dominates the paintings that are conscious and defenseless witnesses of the intrusion. The created atmosphere of suspense makes one feel a tension that becomes reality, through fears that are more topical than ever.