STUDIO is a project dedicated to research and artistic production, an active place for research and experimentation. Continuously throughout the year, with open call or invitation, artists will be accommodated in the space that they could use as a personal atelier for periods that range from a few days to several months. 

STUDIO has a format in constant evolution, each residency experience will be lived and formalized by the artists in a personal way (open studios, talks, or exhibitions).

The mission of STUDIO is to support the artist’s community, stimulating exchange between them and the public by making some phases of the creative process visible.

STUDIO is directed and curated by Matteo Innocenti and Francesco Ozzola – directors of La Portineria and Suburbia Contemporary.

STUDIO is in Palazzo Poli,  Florence (Italy), where the project spaces of La Portineria and Satellite are based.

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Artists in Residence 2021:
Eliel David Pérez Martínez
Eva Sauer
Oscar Contreras