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Based in Barcelona, Spain, Suburbia Contemporary presents points of radical similarity between material cultures and artistic traditions from across the globe. Born with the imperative of gathering artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds and geographical locations within a single cluster, structuring contact between the East, West, North, and South through a constantly evolving, critically engaged exhibition program open to antique and traditional knowledge systems, secret, hidden languages and future definitions of craft and artistic practice.

Founder and Director: Francesco Ozzola
Carrer de València 345. 08009 – Barcelona. Spain

Gallery member of:
Consorcio Nacional de Galerías de Arte Contemporaneo 
Art Barcelona – Associació de Galerías

Jake Aikman

Art Gallery in Barcelona

Suburbia was born in Granada (Spain), on the far European periphery. Experiencing the distance – in geographic, social and economic terms – is the Suburbia project’s foundation. 

Born as a non-profit space in 2017, Suburbia evolved into a gallery the year after, following the idea of gathering artists from various continents and cultural backgrounds in an unexpected cluster. 

Suburbia’s unconventional and hyperconnected family is constantly changing, expanding alongside artist’s and curator’s friendships and interests, staging particulars and temporary projects in the cities where suburbians are based.  

Mirroring this philosophy, the project space ‘Satellite’ popped up in Cape Town (South Africa), and recently in Florence (Italy).

The meeting of suburbians somewhere in the world usually happens in art fairs or projects like ‘Satellite‘. The occasion is always a celebration for a group of long-distance friends who share the idea of an artwork a field where different cultures and backgrounds communicate with one another. By participating in antique knowledge, precious memories, secret languages and futuristic crafts.

Barcelona, September 2021


As 2022 begins, pandemics and their economic and societal consequences continue to pose a critical threat to the world. A divergent economic recovery from the crisis created by the pandemic risks deepening global divisions at a time when societies and the international community urgently need to collaborate.

Suburbia Contemporary has the purpose to investigate the location of power on a global level, considering the latest geopolitical events and the post-pandemic situation.

Barcelona, July 2022

Eliel David Pérez Martínez "Lluvia sobre el campo de magueye"