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Urban environments and imaginary spaces

Exhibition view. Room 1. Jake Aikman, Han Bing, Ako Atikossie.

Eliel David Pérez Marínez
Jake Aikman
Anna Marzuttini
Jacob van Schalkwyk
Ako Atikossie
Sepideh Mehraban
Grip Face
Jaime Poblete
Han Bin

Urban environments and imaginary spaces 
15.09.2021 – 17.11.2021

With the exhibition “Urban environments and imaginary spaces,” Suburbia Contemporary presents in the new gallery space of Barcelona the artists that will be in the program next year.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Suburbia Contemporary presents points of radical similarity between different material cultures and artistic traditions from across the globe. Born in 2017 in Granada with the imperative of gathering artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds and geographical locations within a single cluster, the gallery launched Satellite spaces in Cape Town (2019) and Florence (2020), structuring contact between the East, West, North and South through a consistently evolving, critically engaged exhibition program open to antique and traditional knowledge systems, secret, hidden languages and future definitions of craft and artistic practise.

Exhibiting Artists: Jake Aikman, Ako Atikossie, Han Bing, Anna Marzuttini, Sepideh Mehraban, Natalie Paneng, Eliel David Pérez Martínez, Robert Pettena, Jaime Poblete, Jacob van Schalkwyk, Lucy Jane Turpin 

Room 2. Jacob van Schalkwyk - "Klaar Gepraat"
Room 3 - Ako Atikossie
Room 4 - Anna Marzuttini
Exhibition view. Room 1. Ako Atikossie, Lucy Jane Turpin, Jaime Poblete.
Room 2. Han Bing, Jacob van Schalkwyk
Room 3. Jacob van Schalkwyk - "Artist Unknown"
Rooma 4 - Jaime Poblete, Eliel David Pérez Martínez, Anna Marzuttini
Room 4 - Eliel David Pérez Martínez